Vietnam eVisa

Fill out an application for electronic visa to Vietnam

Vietnam eVisa General Information

Vietnam eVisa is an electronic travel visa allowing foreigners to enter Vietnam. The Vietnam government launched it to make the process of getting a visa more accessible for those travelers who wish to visit the country for tourism, transit, or business purposes.

An eVisa to Vietnam is a single entry visa and permits one to stay in a country for 30 days. Its validity period is the same - one month.

A traveler doesn't need to attend a Vietnam embassy in order to apply for an electronic visa. It's enough to fill out the Vietnam visa for Australian citizens form online, cover the fee and make a paper copy of the approved eVisa delivered to the email address.

Vietnam eVisa and a valid passport ensure you enter the borders smoothly and without standing in lines on arrival.

Vietnam eVisa Types

Vietnam eVisa is a single-entry visa allowing to be in the country for 30 days. According to the traveling purpose, it can be divided into the following types:

  • tourist visa - if you are going to have a vacation, explore the country, meet your family or friends; to sum up - for any leisure-related activities;
  • transit visa - if you need to enter Vietnam to get to your next destination;
  • business visa - if you want to visit the country with the intention to negotiate a contract, discuss cooperation, or new opportunities.

Note that the business e-Visa type doesn't involve employment or studying in Vietnam. For that, you need to obtain a regular visa in a Vietnamese embassy or consulate.

Vietnam Visa Online Application Form

Vietnam online visa allows you to avoid attending an embassy, waiting in queues, and answering questions from officials. You can fill out the Vietnam visa application form entirely online from any place: your home, cafe, or current vacation destination. You won't waste much time or get confused, as the process is simple and user-friendly.

To apply online, follow the next steps:

  1. Put the required information in all the blanks in the form. In order to do that, you may provide some of your personal, passport, and travel details, for example, name, surname, nationality, email address, travel purpose, etc.
  2. Attach the required documents. They include the photo of your valid passport bio-data and the photo of your face. Photos may be taken with a phone or PC but should be clear and of relatively good quality.
  3. Cover the Vietnam visa fee. There are several secured online payment methods available. You can choose the one you prefer, for example, your debit or credit card.
  4. Check your inbox. The approved visa to Vietnam will be sent to your email address. An electronic visa is issued as a PDF document, and you will need to make a paper copy to have it on hand.

Double-check the information you provide, as all inaccuracies may lead to delays or even being visa-denied.

Even though the average processing takes less time, sometimes it can be extended to five business days, so make sure to apply in advance to have an approved document with you on time.

Validity period of eVisa to Vietnam

A Vietnam visa's validity shows how long the visa stays effective.

An online visa for Vietnam is valid for 30 days/one month. Its validity is counted from the day prior to the planned date of arrival.

A traveler must leave the country before the visa expires, otherwise, they may deal with issues, fines, deportation, or even a ban from entering the country again.

However, eVisa to Vietnam can be extended. To do that, you should contact the local Immigration Department Office and pay the additional fee for a visa extension.

Vietnam eVisa Requirements

In order to meet the basic requirements for obtaining an online visa for Vietnam, you must have:

  • citizenship of an eligible country;
  • a working device (phone, laptop, PC, tablet) with stable internet access;
  • an ability to pay online;
  • an active email address.

Required documents

There are two required documents to complete the application for a Vietnam visa:

  • a digital photo of your valid passport;
  • a digital photo of your face.

Both photos may be taken with a phone or PC camera but should be of relatively good quality.

Requirements on arrival

Upon arrival, you must have two necessary documents on hand:

  • a valid passport (it mustn't expire for a minimum of six months since the planned date of arrival);
  • a paper copy of Vietnam eVisa.

At the borders, customs officials will check your documents and, if they are in order, let you in.

With an eVisa to Vietnam, you don't have to pay additional stamp fees on arrival and wait in long lines at arrival points.

Note that if you use Vietnam's online travel document, you should choose specific ports of entry to Vietnam.