Vietnam Visa for Australian Citizens

Apply for an electronic visa to Vietnam using this simple online form

Vietnam visa for Australian citizens is an online visa implemented in 2017, allowing Australians to enter the country for tourism, business, or transit with a maximum stay duration of 30 days.

The Vietnamese visa application form is available online for all Australian passport holders. It includes questions regarding personal information like a name, date of birth, address, phone number, e-mail, and travel details like purpose, duration of a stay, date of entry, etc.

After completing an online form and paying a fee, applicants get approval quickly. Thus they can begin their travel without the necessity of visiting the Vietnam embassy.

The visa to Vietnam allows for a stay on a territory of Vietnam for up to 30 days. It remains valid also for 30 days.

Types of Vietnam eVisa for Australians

Australians may apply for one type of Vietnam tourist visa. It is a single-entry travel permit that allows Australian travelers for 30 days-stay in Vietnam.

There are a few travel purposes accepted:

  • tourism purpose (holiday, family/friends visits, sightseeing, etc.)
  • business purposes (business meetings, conferences, contract negotiations, etc.)
  • transit  (traveling through Vietnam to get to another country)

For other travel reasons, Australians must apply for a paper visa at the Vietnam embassy.

If you have an Australian passport and apply for a Vietnam visa online, you will receive it within five business days, which is the time needed for processing the application.

How to apply for an electronic Vietnam visa from Australia?

To obtain the electronic Vietnam visa, you must complete a few steps of the application. Filling in a form and paying a service fee takes only a few minutes. After that, our team verifies the application and provides an approved eVisa within five business days.

Here are the steps every applicant must complete before his application gets approved:

  1. Selecting the reason for your travel, providing necessary data  in the application form, and submitting needed documents (bio-data page of a passport) and photographs
  2. Paying a fee using one of the available online payment methods. The Vietnam visa cost is 79 euros
  3. Checking mailbox and saving payment confirmation on the electronic device. Printing the approved eVisa, which is delivered within five business days

Please note that children also need their separate eVisa. Parents or guardians may fill in the application form for them.

Our team of consultants will help you at every stage of the application, so if you have any questions, contact us by phone or email.

Vietnam eVisa requirements for citizens of Australia

Australians who plan to travel to Vietnam and apply for a visa must meet a few requirements.

  • First, they must hold an Australian passport that stays valid for the next six months.
  • Second, they need to ensure that the electronic device they use has a good internet connection.
  • Third, applicants need to check if their mailbox is active and works well.

Fourth, all travelers should secure funds for the visa fee in their accounts.

With the above preparations, nothing stays in the way of getting the eVisa.

Vietnam eVisa processing time and fees for Australian passport holders

The processing time for Vietnam visa approval takes up to 5 business days. However, it is usually less and lasts about 68 hours. Ensure you get your visa on time and do not wait until the last minute. You should also check the provided information twice to avoid unnecessarily prolonging the application procedure.

The cost of a Vietnam visa is 79 eur. This fee includes our team's support during the entire application process. If you have any questions, you can easily ask them by contacting us via email or phone.

How long can Australians stay in Vietnam with an eVisa?

The Vietnam tourist visa (single-entry eVisa) lets Australian passport holders travel through Vietnam for 30-days maximum for all tourism-related reasons. The document stays valid for one month, and the time starts counting the day before entering Vietnam.

Please note that there is an option of eVisa extensions, but that comes with extra fees. You will get more detailed information in the local Immigration Department Office.

The validity of eVisa will depend on the entry date into the country. Please ensure you provide the correct arrival date so you don't lose any of your 30-day permit.

Benefits of applying for eVisa to Vietnam with Evisa Express

Applying for an electronic visa to Vietnam is quick and easy, and it has many benefits for Australians:

  • First, visiting a Vietnamese embassy or consulate is not necessary to apply for a visa. Instead, applicants can fill out an online form that takes just a few minutes and save time; no longer long lines in offices or stressful meetings with officials.
  • In addition, the eVisa doesn't require Australians to provide as much documentation. As a result, applying for an eVisa is the simplest and most convenient way to obtain a visa to Vietnam.
  • Not to mention saving money on visits to offices and stamps on passports.
  • Nothing by taking advantage of online visa application and making the application process fast and easy.